Little Black Dress

Today I spent a wonderful spring afternoon visiting a famous piedmontese artist Riccardo Rossi (known as Duccio) and his beautiful wife and muse Natasha.  Riccardo started his artistic career as an autodidact at a very young age. Throughout his entire life he has been cultivating a deep interest in drawing, painting, ceramics, terracotta and wrought iron. An excellent landscape painter, able at communicating his feelings with various techniques through art. Riccardo’s artistic personality is expressed through his Indian ink drawings, paintings on glass, ceramics that bring to life emotions, almost always unconscious. Earlier he had a successful carreer as a stylist and pattern maker. What an excellent occasion to put on my new Little Black Dress!

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

The pattern is from April 2013 issue of Burdasyle magazine: what I liked the most about it are the simple cut of the dress and the pleats at the neckline that give the romantic and elegant touch to the whole outfit. For a more fitted style I decided to add a gathered elastic waistline.

Little Black DressAn LBD is a wardrobe essential for every woman and can be easily styled for any occasion.

Little Black DressRiccardo and Natasha’s house is immersed in the tranquillity of the private garden and offers a fabulous panoramic view on the Maritime Alps.

Little Black Dress

Little Black DressI also embellished the neckline with black beading in order to spare myself of the headache of choosing the accessories that complement the dress. Fabric used: 1.20 m of D&G lightweight Cady made in Italy, polyester 100%.Little Black Dress

Belt – Zara, boots – Kammi

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress” – Karl Lagerfeld.

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  1. AriB says:

    It’s a beautiful pattern! They actually put it up today on the website and I thought it looked like a nice pattern. Good job, did you add the pockets?

    1. This is a perfect pattern if you need to have a dress sewn in a couple of hours. I omitted the pockets.

  2. Svietlana says:

    Ну очень сочные краски! Красивое платье, хорошая статья! 🙂

    1. Спасибо, Света! Вчера выдался хороший денек, +15, а сегодня снова затянуло тучами и моросит дождь.

  3. onlylola says:

    I loved your version of this dress!

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