Hi, I’m Jiulia, a self-taught seamstress and a polyglot. I live with my husband in the Northen Italy, near the Alps and Ligurian Riviera and work as a freelance technical translator. Blogging is such a wonderful way to connect with people with the same interests. I created this place to document my progress in sewing.

Contact me silklaceandsteel@gmail.com

wool dress

Where are you from and where do you live?
I was born in a small town of Biaroza that means “birch tree”, as it is surrounded by a birch forest, in Western Belarus near the Polish border. Belarus, formerly the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR, is a small country that borders the northeast part of Russia and Europe.
After graduating from Linguistic University I worked for one year in a private Language School in Poland, after which I moved to Germany where I lived in Dortmund and studied in Bochum University for about two years.

2006 was a great time that completely changed my life: I went to Turin, Italy as a volunteer for XX Winter Olympic Games and found there my love and a new job. Currently I live in a very beautiful place of the Northern Italy’s Piedmont region, between the Maritime Alps and Ligurian Riviera, in the land of Barolo wine and truffles.

How and/or why did you start sewing? Do you have any other hobbies besides sewing?

During my childhood I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who is a self-taught seamstress. My best toys were different pieces of fabric and fashion magazines of that time. I remember 1990’s as a period of great crisis, we were receiving rationalized food portions and no good clothes were available. My classmates didn’t want to walk along with me because I wore an old fashioned coat of my aunt. So, I actually started sewing out of necessity and also to express my personality. I took sewing classes offered by Professional Training Centre at my school and bought my first Burda Moden magazine in 1994. My first dress was a huge success: I was beaten heavily by older girls for standing out of the herd in a local disco club.

Besides sewing I am an avid language learner, I speak English, Italian, German, Polish and now I am studying French. My example in this field is Kato Lomb, a Hungarian polyglot who earned her living with 16 languages which she learned mostly by self-effort, as an autodidact. My other hobbies are cooking and reading.

D At historical reconstruction club

During university years I became a member of historical reconstruction club and sewed mostly medieval costumes. I sewed this red wool dress with golden stripes with a Burda pattern from November 1994. 

A lot of my inspiration for sewing ideas comes from the various blogs and sewing sites that I read in different languages. The web is so rich on talented and creative people.

What is the most frustrating and most rewarding thing about sewing for you?

I find sewing is incredibly rewarding because it’s so tangible. Today my wardrobe consists of 90% of unique handcrafted garments created by me and appropriate for everyday wear. I find it frustrating that my sewing machine no longer satisfies my growing need for creativity.

If you were to give a beginner one piece of sewing advice what would it be?
Do not be afraid to experiment. Sew, rip, sew again, give up, get back to it and start sewing with more enthusiasm. After all, you’re not a surgeon who has no right for mistakes, your activity will harm no one, the maximum damage you can make is to stab yourself with a pin or ruin a fabric. And as for fabric you can always alter it to be something else.

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  1. Silvia says:

    Bel blog lo seguirò con piacere

  2. So funny to read a blog also in “sight” wordpress 🙂 and also about sewing 🙂 good luck!

  3. CherryPix says:

    Hello Juilia, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award – see: http://cherrypix1.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/lobbing-a-leibster-and-other-award-thank-yous/. I realise these awards are not everyone’s cup of tea…so, please don’t feel compelled to reply. Just know that I enjoy reading your blog and am interested in you!
    Cheers, Anne

  4. ClaireE says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster award. If you would like to accept it, and there is no pressure to, please answer the questions on my blog: http://iwanttobeaturtle.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/a-pleasant-surprise.html

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